2023 Project List and Resolutions

Yesterday we shared our accomplishments from 2022, and today we’re going to share what lies ahead for us in 2023!

We’ll start with our home projects.

1. FiNish the Cottage And Have Our First Guests

We’ve got a ways to go on this one, but I feel confident we can get this accomplished!

2. Move into the Stone FarmHouse

I’m not going to lie, I’m super excited about this one! We are all set to break ground this month and our builder has given us a timeline of 300 days to completion! We are hoping to be in our new home by next Christmas (albeit without much furniture!).

3. Raise and Sell our first crop of Goat Kids

We haven’t had time to share this news yet, but we’ve acquired a small herd of goats for our farm! If you’re interested in following along or potentially purchasing a goat, you can check out our new farm website at Ursa Major Farm.

4. build Greenhouse and Raised Planter Beds

I would love to begin working on our greenhouse and raised beds for our vegetable garden this year. I don’t think we’ll have time to get a crop planted, but at least prepping the space for the 2024 season should definitely be on our list this year!

5. Get Aurora Roadworthy!

It was on our list last year, and it’s still here this year! I would love to get our girl roadworthy, and as I said before, I have a feeling that 2023 could be the year of the RV.

Travel plans for 2023!

6. Kate and Jordan Getaway

I kind of feel like our travel plans may be the same every year, an adult vacation, a kid roadtrip, a family vacation, and some sort of hiking adventure. What do you think?

We don’t have plans for an adult getaway yet, although Jordan and I will be taking a quick weekend trip to Orlando in a few weeks for a veterinary conference. We’ll keep you posted on what we do.

7. Roadtrip with the Kids

After our trips to North Carolina, Gulf Shores, and Utah, I feel pretty comfortable that we can handle a several day roadtrip with the kids. While we don’t have any plans for this yet, we’re working on plans for our next Kraft family vacation, which likely will involve at least one day of driving… can you guess where we’re going? In odd numbered years we go to the mountains.

8. Fourth Annual Kraft Family Vacation


I’m psyched for our crew to get back together! We’ll be moving our trip a little earlier in the summer this year as the first grandkid will start kindergarten in the fall.

9. Hiking or Backpacking Adventure

We had so much fun with Morgan and Jewels on our trip to Zion National Park that we’d love to do another adventure! Who knows what we’ll pick this year?

As for other priorities for 2022 (and here’s more of the New Year’s Resolutions section), Jordan and I have a few of those too.

10. Get back in pre-marriage shape.

We got back to pre-baby weight last year which felt like a huge accomplishment, but I would still love to get back down to pre-marriage weight this year (another 10 pounds). Maybe by the time we go on our family vacay?

11. Run a Half Marathon

I would really like to get back into better running shape. Jordan and I ran a 5K together at Thanksgiving, and training together was really nice. I would love for us to spend more quality time together and working towards this goal might be a great way to do it.

12. Spend more time with family.

Again, this may just end up being a perpetual resolution, as our family is truly the most important thing in the world to me.

Final List for 2023

  • Finish the Cottage and have our first guests
  • Move into the stone farmhouse
  • Raise and sell our first crop of goat kids
  • Build Greenhouse and raised planter beds
  • Get Aurora Roadworthy!
  • Kate & Jordan Getaway
  • Roadtrip with the Kids
  • 4th Annual Kraft Family Vacation
  • Hiking or Backpacking Adventure
  • Get Back in Pre-Marriage Shape
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Spend more time with family

Wish us luck! Drop your resolutions below.


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