Backpacking Essentials: Food and Water

Food and water are two of the most important items to plan for when setting out on a backpacking trip. Here are the basics for preparing for your next excursion.

Backpacking Essentials: How to Get Where You’re Going

Today on Backpacking Essentials, we're going to discuss one of the most crucial planning decisions, how you are going to get to your destination. Getting to and from your trailhead is definitely not the most fun part of setting out into the rugged outdoors, but it is the part that could most easily ruin a … Continue reading Backpacking Essentials: How to Get Where You’re Going

Backpacking Essentials: Where are we going?

Kate and I spend quite a bit of our vacation time hiking and backpacking, and we plan most of our vacations in locales that allow us to split our time between the backcountry and civilization. Deciding where to go, how to get there, and what to do once there can seem daunting but we'll walk … Continue reading Backpacking Essentials: Where are we going?

Backpacking Gear 101

After writing our last post, the first installment about our 2015 vacation to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Jordan and I thought it might be helpful to share what equipment we like to take on our backpacking journeys. We have had some trial and error, and while our kit isn't perfect, we're pretty happy with … Continue reading Backpacking Gear 101