Installing Drywall and plumbing in the Master Bathroom

Hi everyone! It feels a little crazy, having so many projects going right now! We're actively working on getting the master bathroom completed at the same time that we're working to get the cottage in live-able shape. Our current plan is to have the Vineyard House ready to go on the market at the beginning … Continue reading Installing Drywall and plumbing in the Master Bathroom

#TravelBackThursday A Blue Ridge Babymoon

Hey everyone! Today we wanted to reminisce on a special time that we spent two years ago, before welcoming baby Charlie to the family. In January of 2020 (in our last few minutes pre-COVID) we took a last minute babymoon in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia! We were so excited for our little Charlie … Continue reading #TravelBackThursday A Blue Ridge Babymoon

Quarantine Chronicles

This weekend was a bit challenging to get work done, as we found out that despite being extremely careful during this pandemic, our middle toddler brought Covid home from daycare. Not only are we super worried about the other kids who are also too young to be vaccinated, but we now have a mandatory quarantine … Continue reading Quarantine Chronicles

Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos

Hi everyone! We were thrilled to receive our newborn photos this week! Our photographer always does an amazing job, and even though our older kiddos didn’t really cooperate (oops!) we still got some really nice photos of us and the baby. And of course these gorgeous black and whites that she always does. Merry Christmas … Continue reading Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos

Replacing the Cottage Porch Columns

Hi guys! Today we are sharing our progress on the cottage porch columns. When we bought the property and the cottage, the porch had rusty steel columns on the front, which I’m sure were intended to be “decorative”. They were also covered in the same lead paint as the rest of the house exterior. When … Continue reading Replacing the Cottage Porch Columns

Stone Farmhouse Update, First Elevation, and a Mood Board

Hi everyone! Today we wanted to talk about where we are at with our plans for our new build. We are currently on revision 4 (I think?) of our floor plans for our future house, and I think we're getting pretty close to our final plan. At that point we'll start getting things priced out, … Continue reading Stone Farmhouse Update, First Elevation, and a Mood Board

This Week’s Project Update

This week we’re working through a lot of the items on our checklist. I painted the laundry room, which had a bunch of areas that needed touching up after some wear and tear over the years. I also put the finishing touches on the kids bathroom, as there were a couple of areas that still … Continue reading This Week’s Project Update

Our Diet and Exercise Program

Hi guys! As you may remember from our New Year's Resolutions, one of them was for us to get back in shape and back closer to our pre-marriage weights. If you have similar goals, you may be wondering what we're doing to accomplish this. Disclaimer: Please talk to your doctor before starting any diet or … Continue reading Our Diet and Exercise Program

Our Project List for Selling Our Home

The time is fast approaching that we need to get the Vineyard House on the market, so in addition to banging away at existing projects, Jordan and I have been making a master list of to-do's before we officially go on the market. Even though it is a seller's market right now, we still want … Continue reading Our Project List for Selling Our Home

2022 Project List and Resolutions

Happy new year everyone! Today we’re going to share what our plans are for everything on our plate for 2022. It’s going to be a big year! We’ll start with our home projects. 1. Finish the Master Bathroom Before... remember the horrible brass hardware and green tile? We’ve been working super hard to get our … Continue reading 2022 Project List and Resolutions