2022 in Review

Happy new year everyone!

It’s been a long year, and we thought it would be a good time to look back on our resolutions from the beginning of 2022 and reminisce about all that we accomplished.

Here we go!

1. Finish the Master Bathroom

Before… remember the horrible brass hardware and green tile?

It’s hard to believe this wasn’t complete when we started 2022, this project feels like it was so long ago! I think we definitely knocked this one out of the park.

2. Sell the Vineyard House

We accomplished this one too! Our house officially sold in May of 2022, after only being on the market for two weeks! While we were very sad to leave, we knew we were moving on to new exciting adventures.

3. Move into the Cottage

Unfortunately we haven’t made enough progress here. We quickly discovered that this project was going to be a much bigger undertaking than we expected. It’s also been very difficult to work on the house while we’ve been living in Ennis. We still plan to have this house completed as a rental in 2023.

4. Finalize plans for Our Stone Farmhouse

We’re officially moving forward here! We closed on our mortgage last month and have our final plans so we are ready to go. The bottom photo is from our updated set of plans – they’ve changed a lot!

5. Get Aurora Roadworthy!

Aurora has also had to take a backseat this year. We would have loved to get her going, but unfortunately this just wasn’t in the cards for us with so many other projects on our list. Maybe this year will be the year of the RV?

Travel plan updates

6. Kate and Jordan Getaway

Oh yeah – we did this one! If you missed our adults-only trip to Key West and Dry Tortugas, you can check it out here!

7. Roadtrip with the Kids

See number 9 below 🙂

8. Third Annual Kraft Family Vacation



This makes year three of our Kraft Family Vacations, and the second beach vacation we’ve done! We loved spending the week in Gulf Shores with the group, and it was great getting all of the kids together. There are a few more of them now than there were on our first trip!

9. Backpacking Trip to Zion

This trip evolved into a bigger trip than we expected! We accomplished our goal of a road trip with the kids, and also had some childfree time when we did our Angel’s Landing hike, as well as our trip through the Narrows. If you missed it, you can start our 6 part series on this trip here!

As for other priorities for 2022 (and here’s more of the New Year’s Resolutions section), Jordan and I have a few of those too.

9. Get back in pre-marriage shape.

We accomplished this one pretty well, getting in shape for the summer weight loss competition with the family! Jordan and I both achieved our goals of getting down below pre-baby weight, although not quite to pre-marriage weight.

10. Cooking family dinners.

I’ll be honest, this one is an ongoing struggle. Finding something everyone will eat is challenging, and the baby still goes to bed so early that he doesn’t eat with everyone else. It’s also challenging on nights when Jordan is working because he gets home so late. We’ll keep working on this one.

11. Spend more time with family.

I think we’ve definitely accomplished this resolution this year! Jordan and I have loved spending more time with our families – which is easy to do with mine since we’re living with them right now! We’ve also gotten to see a lot of Jordan’s family as we’ve traveled throughout the year which has been lovely. I can’t wait for many more years like this to come!

Final Checklist

  • Finish the Master Bathroom
  • Sell the Vineyard House
  • Move into the Cottage
  • Finalize Plans for Our Stone Farmhouse
  • Get Aurora Roadworthy
  • Kate & Jordan Getaway
  • Roadtrip with the Kids
  • Third Annual Kraft Family Vacation
  • Backpacking Trip to Zion
  • Get Back in Pre-Marriage Shape
  • Cooking Family Dinners
  • Spend More Time with Family

9 out of 11 goals accomplished feels pretty good, and the final three are in progress! How did your year shape up? We’ll be back soon to share what we’re looking forward to in 2023.


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