We love going on adventures! Follow along with us on all of our travels, and learn some tips and tricks (and a lot of what not to do) while traveling with kids!

Roadtrip to Zion: Part V – The Watchman and Bryce Canyon

Our first freeform day was also our first day hiking with the kiddos. Thus far our trip had been planned childfree, as we were very concerned about safety at Angel’s Landing and in the Narrows. We decided to start with an easy hike for the kids, 1.3 miles up The Watchman Trail. Although reviews stated…

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Roadtrip to Zion: Part IV – The Narrows

Good morning! Today we’re sharing our trip through the Narrows, one of the most iconic places at Zion National Park! We planned to be on the trail to the Narrows from the Grotto parking lot by first light, about 7am. Our plan was to hike out to Wallstreet, see how we were feeling, and decide…

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Roadtrip to Zion: Part III – The West Rim

We’re back! After completing the trek out to Angel’s Landing, we took a quick stretch break at the Scout Lookout, picked up our packs, and headed off on the West Rim trail towards our overnight campsite. We had about a 4 mile hike remaining to get to our campsite (Campsite 1 on the West Rim).…

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Roadtrip to Zion: Part II – Angel’s Landing

We’re back with another Zion update! We arrived at Zion in the late afternoon on our third day of travel, and our first stop was the Zion Visitor Center to pick up our backpacking permits. Our initial plan had been to hike the Narrows top down, but unfortunately the threat of rain and the recent…

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Roadtrip to Zion: Part I

Hi everyone! This week we embarked on our long-anticipated road trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon! For the past couple of years we have been discussing a backpacking trip with our family, and over a year ago we decided on Zion as the place it was going to happen. We’ve planned for months…

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