Roadtrip to Zion: Part IV – The Narrows

Good morning! Today we’re sharing our trip through the Narrows, one of the most iconic places at Zion National Park! We planned to be on the trail to the Narrows from the Grotto parking lot by first light, about 7am. Our plan was to hike out to Wallstreet, see how we were feeling, and decide … Continue reading Roadtrip to Zion: Part IV – The Narrows

Parker’s 4th Birthday – a Halloween Monster Mash

This weekend we were excited to celebrate our oldest's fourth birthday! As an October baby, Parker has always loved Halloween and has been begging for a Halloween-themed birthday party ever since we can remember. This year we decided to make it happen. We booked the Playstreet Museum in Mansfield for his party. It's a cute … Continue reading Parker’s 4th Birthday – a Halloween Monster Mash

Moving on from the Vineyard House

Hi everyone! Today is a pretty emotional day for our family. Our time in our first home has come to an end, and we officially said goodbye this morning. We have so loved this house and every bit of time and effort, literal blood, sweat, and tears that we’ve put into it. We brought all … Continue reading Moving on from the Vineyard House

Countdown to the 3rd Annual Kraft Family Vacation begins!

Hi everyone! We are so excited that in just over two months we will be driving our way to the third Kraft family vacation, so today I wanted to share what Jordan I have been up to for the last two weeks (in our free time)! In preparation for our big family vacation this August, … Continue reading Countdown to the 3rd Annual Kraft Family Vacation begins!

Healthy Homemade One-Pot Tomato Soup

Hi everyone! We tried a new recipe this week, adapted from Dr. Katrina Ubell's tomato soup recipe mentioned in episode 12 of her Weight Loss for Busy Physicians podcast. It turned out amazing and I'm excited to share it with you here! One-Pot Tomato Soup An easy, healthy recipe with plenty of flavor! Makes 5 … Continue reading Healthy Homemade One-Pot Tomato Soup

#TravelBackThursday My 10 Favorite Photos from Acadia and Canada

I was reminiscing this week after we submitted baby Finn's information for his passport about the first international trip we took as a family, to Canada when Parker was just 10 months old. We had such an incredible time on our road trip with Parker and took so many incredible photos. Here are ten of … Continue reading #TravelBackThursday My 10 Favorite Photos from Acadia and Canada

Roasted Tomato Flatbread

Hi everyone! We're still here, surviving Covid quarantine. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite easy recipes, although this one does take some planning as the tomatoes take a little time to get them right! Roasted Tomato Flatbread An easy, tangy flatbread for tomato and garlic lovers! Makes 2 flatbreads. Ingredients: Flatbread 1 … Continue reading Roasted Tomato Flatbread

Quarantine Chronicles

This weekend was a bit challenging to get work done, as we found out that despite being extremely careful during this pandemic, our middle toddler brought Covid home from daycare. Not only are we super worried about the other kids who are also too young to be vaccinated, but we now have a mandatory quarantine … Continue reading Quarantine Chronicles

Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos

Hi everyone! We were thrilled to receive our newborn photos this week! Our photographer always does an amazing job, and even though our older kiddos didn’t really cooperate (oops!) we still got some really nice photos of us and the baby. And of course these gorgeous black and whites that she always does. Merry Christmas … Continue reading Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos