Taking shape

Hi everyone!

After a 5 week rain delay, we’re back on track with our house!

The crew was able to get started by the end of January with cutting our road and the dirt work to adjust the elevation where the house will be built.

The massive amounts of fill dirt that were needed were able to be pulled from the edges of our existing pond, essentially accomplishing two tasks for the price of one, as we were able to enlarge our pond as well.

From there, the team quickly set the forms for the foundation. We were really excited to see the footprint of the house taking shape!

Then came the 5 weeks of rain delays. Between the massive amounts of rain and ice, we were pretty well stuck for the month of February. Check out the solid sheets of ice on our road and the job site.

But finally, the sun came out again and we were able to move forward! Plumbing was installed last week, and the foundation team has been out to reinforce things before the foundation is poured! We’re hoping to see a foundation at the beginning of next week.

In the meantime, we’ve had some other exciting things happening on the farm (we’ll share soon!) and we’ve been cleaning out the stand of trees in front of the house site. It’s hard to tell because it’s winter and everything looks like a mess right now, but this area below was entirely wooded, and has been trimmed and had brush removed so that eventually we can have a little sitting area and fire pit out there. Maybe a treehouse for the kids? 🙂

Can you see it?

Jordan snuck a little Elephant Ear bulb out there too… the first step in landscaping!

We’re enjoying a quiet weekend at home with the kids before another crazy busy week, but we’ll be back soon!


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