Roadtrip to Zion: Part I

Hi everyone! This week we embarked on our long-anticipated road trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon!

For the past couple of years we have been discussing a backpacking trip with our family, and over a year ago we decided on Zion as the place it was going to happen. We’ve planned for months – gathering permits, purchasing gear, watching weather reports – and it’s finally here!

We set out on Tuesday evening after work and school, with our first planned stop in Hobbs, New Mexico. The whole trip will take about 20 hours, but with us leaving at 7pm we figured 5-6 hours was the most we could do with the kids.

We pushed through and the kids slept most of the drive, which worked out nicely. Jordan and I were fairly exhausted by the time we reached the hotel in Hobbs (the Baymont by Wyndham – cheap and clean!) and other than freezing as we ran the sleepy kids inside, we were able to quickly get settled and rest.

The kids were up bright and early at 6:30am MT, which is actually an hour later than usual for them! We took them to the lobby for their free breakfast and they were very excited about the pancake and waffle machines.

After breakfast we set out on the road again, with our next planned stop at White Sands National Park, about 3.5 hours from Hobbs. the kids watched Bluey and Octonauts most of the way 🙂

When we got to White Sands we wandered through the visitor center before heading out into the park. Our first stop was at the boardwalk in between the dunes to let the kids get some energy out.

From there we headed to the end of the loop (the road is shaped like a lollipop) to let the kids hike some sand dunes.

After wandering around the dunes for a bit we made sandwiches for lunch and got back on the road. We always enjoy the varying scenery on our road trips.

We drove past the Very Large Array right at sunset.

We ended up getting pretty tired and the kids were being great in the car so we stopped early to keep from pushing our luck. We stayed overnight at the La Quinta Petrified Forest in Holbrook, Arizona.

The kids enjoyed the free breakfast the next morning.

Since we were close to Petrified Forest and Painted Desert we took a quick detour while we were in town. The kids enjoyed getting extra stamps in their National Park Passports.

We breezed through the park as we had a 4:30pm deadline to pick up our backpacking permits at the Zion Visitor Center.

We did stop for gas and a bathroom break and ran into some very nice firemen who let Parker climb up in their firetruck and gave him some stickers.

We finally made it to Utah and Zion by about 3:30pm on our third day of travel.

We’ll be back with more updates later! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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