Exterior choices for our stone farmhouse

Hi everyone!

We had our very first meeting with our home designers a few weeks ago, and made some important decisions regarding our new home. As we shared on Sunday, the builder is preparing to pour our foundation next week, which means we’ll have a structure going up shortly, and that means making choices for the exterior!

As a reminder, we are building a traditional colonial stone farmhouse. Here are some examples that are similar to our plans.

One of our tasks was to visit a couple of local stone yards to choose the stone for the exterior.

There were a lot of options.

Based on our inspiration photo we decided to go with the “cottage cobble” from Alliance Materials in Keller. We’re really looking for a more traditional stone house, so the big, blocky, squared off shapes were not what we were looking for. We also wanted a stone with a lot of variation, and one that reads more gray than beige.

When we met with the designer we also chose our metal roof color, siding color, window color, and front door color. We used the following inspiration photo for our roof.

And this one for the front door.

And we came up with the following selections. For the exterior siding of the house, we’re looking at Oyster, by Benjamin Moore. The window and door casings will be white, and the roof is called Dark Bronze. The front door will likely be Dark Walnut, but we had a few options that we were open to there.

Here are our choices:

What do you think? Pretty close to our inspiration photos?

We’ll be back with more updates as they come!


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