2 Weeks Left! Summer Weight Loss Challenge Update

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a quick check in with our progress in the summer weight loss challenge!

We’ve got just under 2 weeks left to the final weigh in, and the stats of our players have changed dramatically!


  • Miles logged this week: 23
  • Total miles logged: 112.5
  • Pounds lost this week: 2
  • Total pounds lost: 18.4


  • Miles logged this week: 10.7
  • Total miles logged: 66.4
  • Pounds lost this week: 2
  • Total pounds lost: 11.9

Currently Jordan is sitting in second place in the challenge, having bumped up his running very significantly and joining me on the intermittent fasting plan.

I’m currently sitting in fourth place, almost tied for third. I’m back on the no sugar no flour diet, and have been focusing on getting a lot of protein, which is something I typically struggle with. I’ve also been running more as we go into the final few weeks of the competition.

We’ll be sure to post the final results when the competition is over!


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