Where are we now?

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share an update on our housing situation. We officially moved out of the Vineyard House on July 30th, at the end of our leaseback.

Since then, we’ve been very fortunate to be living in my parents’ guest house on their ranch.

Aurora has been squeezed onto the side porch so we will still be able to work on here here, and she also has her new axles, wheels, and tires on – Jordan raced to get her drivable for the move!

The ranch is about an hour from our new place and Jordan’s work, and since I work remotely and travel for work the majority of the time we are making do for now. It’s also about 50 minutes from our new place, so it’s going to be a little bit of a hike for a while as we get work done.

However, it’s been really nice for the kids to spend more time with their grandparents, and the housing is very economical so it makes sense for now. The barn house that we are staying in is a classic barndominium – half of it is barn, half is house. At 1600 square feet it’s a little smaller than what we’re used to, although it is bigger than the cottage on our new property, and the barn side affords us a lot of storage during our temporary housing situation.

The biggest thing we’ve had to work through is sleeping arrangements for the kids. The barn house only has two bedrooms, and for a family of 5 that’s a little tight. We currently have Parker and Charlie sharing the guest bedroom, Jordan and I have the master, and the baby is sleeping in his portable crib in the laundry room since he is still waking up occasionally for night feedings.

The two older kids are off with Grandma and Grandpa at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler today, so I have been hanging out with the baby working to get the house organized and cleaned a little better. A lot of our stuff is still in storage, and we are still paring down what we’re keeping through the moves. The house was also already fully furnished and my brother has some things here from living in the house previously, so we have been moving some of that stuff out as we’ve been moving in.

The next project will be starting work more seriously on the cottage to get it livable, we’ll keep you guys updated as that project continues!


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