#TravelBackThursday A Trio of Princesses

This week's post is dedicated to my lovely cousin Cathleen, who is dearly missed. In February of 2017, I took off on one of the best girls' trips I've been on, to Walt Disney World with my cousins Cathleen and Kelsi. We had decided to attend the Disney Princess races in Orlando, which are some … Continue reading #TravelBackThursday A Trio of Princesses

What We’re Doing This Weekend and Resolution Progress

Hi everyone! It's been a busy weekend over here at the Kraft house! Jordan is working all weekend, so I'm figuring out how to manage all three kiddos on my own in public. We were invited to a friend's birthday yesterday at the Fort Worth Zoo, and the toddlers had a great time. They especially … Continue reading What We’re Doing This Weekend and Resolution Progress

Our Diet and Exercise Program

Hi guys! As you may remember from our New Year's Resolutions, one of them was for us to get back in shape and back closer to our pre-marriage weights. If you have similar goals, you may be wondering what we're doing to accomplish this. Disclaimer: Please talk to your doctor before starting any diet or … Continue reading Our Diet and Exercise Program