Stone Farmhouse Design Update

Hi everyone!

Today we’re sharing an update on our architectural plans for our new forever home.

We’ve been working with our architect for several months on the design for our new home, and unfortunately have run into some hiccups along the way. While we know what we’re looking for in general (and if you’ve seen our Pinterest boards, we have TONS of inspiration photos saved), translating those thoughts into a plan has been a huge challenge.

We were very excited to see the front elevation of the house.

However, once we saw the side and rear elevations, we were concerned that we might not be on the right track. The simple, clean lines reminiscent of an 18th century Pennsylvania Dutch stone farmhouse were missing, and instead we had a mishmash of weird rooflines and bump outs.

So we went back to the drawing board. Jordan and I pored over photos of old farmhouses as well as floor plans of all different styles trying to come up with a plan similar to we were looking for, until Jordan finally stumbled upon the farmhouse of our dreams (at least the exterior)!

This is actually a “new old” farmhouse designed by Haver and Skolnick Architects.

And their website included floor plans!

Okay, so this behemoth 12,000 square foot house isn’t what we’re going to build, but it did give us some ideas on direction for our own house.

We sent those inspiration photos to our architect, and played around with the elements they had already given us to send them this idea for layout as well.

We expect to hear back from them early this week, so we’ll share with you what we find out. We’re hoping to cut down on the vestibules and hallways in the current design, decrease the square footage, and simplify the exterior.

If you’ve built a house before, have you had any issues with the design phase? We’d love to hear your experience!


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