Grouting the Master Bathroom

This weekend we’ve been hard at the messy work of grouting the rest of the master bathroom!

The charcoal grout we chose is incredibly messy, but it does look good!

I would highly recommend wearing gloves if you’re grouting with dark gray or black grout! Here’s how everything looked after the grout was applied and drying. You can see all of the grout haze on the tile.

From there we wiped down the tile with sponges, over and over again. We probably sponged the tile 4 or 5 times with water, before sponging with two rounds of diluted vinegar to remove the last of the grout haze.

After those rounds dried, we used the wet vacuum to pick up additional remaining grout, and we’re starting to move the vanities and other pieces into the bathroom to get them out of our room and the garage. I’m so excited to see it starting to come together!

Once the grout is dry our next step is sealing it, then we’ll be starting on the trim and installing the vanities. The shower will probably be the final project as it was in the kids bathroom.

Our countdown to selling has started!


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