This Week’s Project Update

This week we’re working through a lot of the items on our checklist.

I painted the laundry room, which had a bunch of areas that needed touching up after some wear and tear over the years. I also put the finishing touches on the kids bathroom, as there were a couple of areas that still needed some finishing touches of paint. (If you haven’t noticed, Jordan absolutely abhors painting so that gets to be my job 99% of the time.)

Jordan has been working away on the master bathroom, and we’ve placed some important orders, including our new vanities, sink faucets and hardware, and the plumbing fixtures for the shower.

Finally, I’ve been putting some thoughts together regarding staging our house to sell. We’re going to need to purge a bunch of stuff that won’t be moving with us, and pack up a bunch of clutter that will need to be out of the way for showings. We’ll also need to de-personalize our house a bit, which is always recommended by realtors to help potential buyers see themselves in the space. We’ve already started purging things that won’t be going with us, and we are considering renting a storage space to move things into in the interim before we move into the cottage.

With staging in mind, when I see good deals on decor that I like, I’ve definitely gone for them. Here are a few of our most recent purchases:

This GORGEOUS 9×14 rug from the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi collection, that we picked up on a massive sale for $275 (usually almost $1000).

I haven’t decided if we’re going to put it in the dining room to replace our Ruggable rug that is rolling badly, or if we’re going to put it in the bonus room as we stage that room to look like a second living space.

I’ve also picked up this set of four plant images from Magnolia, on sale for $13 each. My plan is to put those in the dining room to replace our horse painting in there.

We also got a larger plant print at the same time, also on sale, which I haven’t decided where to put. Possibly the laundry room?

We’ll keep you posted as we continue to make progress!


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