The Cottage Chimney

Hi guys!

We are back today to discuss one of the hiccups that we have run into with our tiny cottage.

When we initially walked through the house, one of the things we noticed was not only was there a fireplace in the addition, but there was also a chimney extending from the roof in the general area of the master bedroom/master bathroom.

See the two chimneys?

Inside the house, the second chimney stack lines up with a dead area that extends into the master bathroom.

See where the wall sticks out?

When the drywall came out, we were hoping for a cool old chimney that might be able to be incorporated into the design of the house as we renovated, leaving some character from the exposed old brick. Unfortunately, when the walls were opened up we found a chimney in really bad shape, with a large footprint that takes up a lot of what we were hoping would be usable space in the renovated master bathroom.

We did find a nice interesting surprise of a signature from either a previous tenant, builder, or homeowner. A brief google search didn’t show who this person was, but we love seeing the old history.

Although we don’t have any photos of it, when you go up in the attic you can see daylight surrounding the old chimney stack in the roof. Regardless of what we decided to do with the chimney, something was going to have to be done to either re-flash around the roof, or otherwise seal the gaps to be water tight.

Due to the condition of the chimney, its large footprint, and concerns about ongoing water damage with the roof, we decided to go ahead and pay extra to have our contractor take the entire chimney out and patch the roof where the chimney had been.

The contractor and his crew happily reclaimed some of the brick that they pulled down, as they found a ton of old bricks stamped “Texas” that were pretty neat and in good shape.

As they finished up they got all of the rubble removed.

We’ll be extending the master bath into that newly reclaimed space from the old chimney, and hopefully the house will feel a little bigger having had it removed. Cost to remove the chimney and patch roof: $2800.

Have a great weekend!


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