Choosing a Paint Color Palette, Part III

The kitchen and main living area took so long to paint I thought we might never be finished. We finally got it all done, sans ceiling, and from there we moved on to the master bedroom. Our master bedroom started out this terrible mustard color, seen here.


Combined with our grungy brown carpet, that wall color just made the whole room feel dirty to me. We do have plans to redo all of our flooring at some point, but that is going to be a huge project which will require a lot of money :(.

I really didn’t have a clear vision for our master bedroom when I first started shopping around for paint colors. Here were my first attempts at color selections.


From left to right:

Behr Dolphin Gray
Behr Silkgrass
Behr Valley Mist
Behr Topiary Tint
Benjamin Moor Palladian Blue

Initially I was thinking I wanted to do a light blue or green for our bedroom. I’m still thinking at some point that’s what I’ll do, but at the time I was having color commitment issues. I chickened out and wound up going with another cooler grey, Behr Agate.


And the finished product:


I like the grey, but it did come out a little bland for me. This is the first photo canvas I ordered (from Eazl!), and also the first artwork I hung in our house! I’m planning on putting a little dresser underneath it eventually, and maybe work it into a mini-gallery wall too.


Here’s the best daytime photo I have of the whole room.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! Stay tuned for some more major updates 🙂


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