Gathering My Gallery Wall

I have been obsessed with the gallery wall trend ever since they became the best thing since sliced bread. (PS, are you drooling over our new Wheat Bread walls yet?)

We have a huge wall behind the couch in our living room, and ever since we moved in I have been dreaming about the beautiful gallery wall I could create there. I saved photo after photo on Pinterest of GORGEOUS, seeming effortlessly created and curated gallery walls, and have despaired for weeks over my own sad attempts to recreate them. Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest finds:


I love how eclectic, unique and personalized each wall is. I also love the texture, using different mediums and shapes to create a visually interesting overall image and feeling.

I spent hours studying how to hang these masterpiece menageries, and found this blog to be the most helpful to me with hanging tips: How to Hang a Gallery Wall the Right Way.

Put in practice though, even with all of the Pinspiration in the world, I wasn’t happy with my attempts at creating a wall. I started a Pinterest board specifically for potential artwork for my wall, as well as the rest of the house, including the artwork and items I already had (you can view it here). I ordered prints online, I fussed and fumbled, I thought I had a plan worked out. Here were my first few iterations.


(Roomba not included.)

Take two.


Take three.


My overall theme was centered around our wedding, with the tree that was our guestbook, the framed “K” cake topper, and our small framed wedding invitation in gold. The owl, pink flower and the bottom right corner print reading “and so the adventure begins” were ordered online from Society6 because I liked them and they sort-of matched. I was going to order some photos from our wedding on canvas, which are represented by the butcher paper in the photos above. A few other random pieces were thrown in and this is what I had.

To me it felt contrived, I wasn’t in love with the color scheme, and I just didn’t feel the connection I wanted to have to my gallery wall of glory. Then I happened to stumble upon this blog, and all the pieces fell into place.


Jordan and I love to travel. We have been all across the continental United States, and we really enjoy camping and backpacking on our annual vacations. Our most recent vacation to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone was amazing, and I have some incredible photos from our trip. I began feverishly ordering photos and frames. The gallery wall that took me months to put together was scrapped, and the new wall was put together in about two days.

I thought Jordan was going to kill me.

However, once the final project was in place, I have to say we were both pretty impressed with how it turned out.


I did some research on where to order my prints from, and the most economical but still high quality site that I found was MPix. The photo to canvas in the center was the third that I’ve ordered from Eazl, and they have done a wonderful job each time. This one was 20 x 30 inches, cost under $100, and is great quality.


I’ll give you a little more info about each piece and where you can find similar if you are interested. Starting at the top and going through each row from right to left:

  1. “Pantaloons”, bison at Yellowstone National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  2. River at Yellowstone National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  3. Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  4. “Little Owl” print by Amy Hamilton of Society6, found here
  5. “Hole in the Wall” at Glacier National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  6. “Agate” by Lescapricesdefilles of Society6, found here
  7. Engagement photo of Jordan and I at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, printed on canvas by Eazl
  8. Rustic Wooden Wall Arrows in Ebony, by Mintage Designs on Amazon, found here
  9. Mystic Trail at Yosemite National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  10. “The Adventure Begins” print by Tangerine-Tane of Society6, found here
  11. Zoe, taken by me at our house, printed by MPix
  12. Puppies drinking, taken by me, printed by MPix
  13. Jordan and I at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, taken by some random tourists, printed by MPix
  14. Waterfall at Yosemite National Park, taken by me, printed by MPix
  15. Jordan and I posing on a log at Yellowstone National Park, taken with our tripod on delay, printed by MPix
  16. Reese watching ducks at White Rock Lake, taken by me, printed by MPix

The frames are a mixture of findings from Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I was a little hesitant about the quality of the Walmart frames, but to be honest now that they’re on the wall I really can’t tell which are which.

My best advice to those of you out there struggling with your own gallery walls, is to find something that truly inspires you. Once the inspiration hits, it’s all downhill from there. I hope you enjoy your wall as much as we are enjoying ours.


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