Choosing A Paint Color Palette, Part II

As promised, part two of the painting extravaganza šŸ™‚

The next room I wanted to focus on was our main living area, or “Barney the Dinosaur”. As pretty as this plethora of colors was, *gag*, I was more than happy to see it gone for good.


(Gotta love that wine purple next to that salmon pink, next to the apple green and now our slate blue dining room. At least the flowers are pretty.)

Deliberating over colors was driving me nuts. Here are all of our samples splashed across the walls.


I’m pretty sure this photo was taken about a week after we moved in. You can still see the pile of stuff out of my vet truck that sat on the floor in the dining room for about a month.

Here are the same three colors on another wall, in reverse order.


From left to right in this photo:

Behr Sandstone Cliff
Behr Historical Ruins
Behr Wheat Bread

I have been obsessed with the color Wheat Bread by Behr ever since I saw it in blog posts from LiveLoveDIY. Even so, I was convinced that it wasn’t going to work in my house, and I was struggling to make a decision. I finally decided this was the color I wanted to go with, and I have been so incredibly happy with it. Painting the three rooms and our hallways in one color has really harmonized the space, makes it feel so much larger, and gives our home a cohesive feeling.

Here is the start of all of the work:


Bye bye salmon walls, hello Wheat Bread!


And the finished product.


It’s all still a work in progress, but I think it’s finally looking a little more put together.

Our master bedroom was the next major paint job in the house. I’ll be back with that in the next installment of Choosing A Paint Color Palette.

Please feel free to leave us comments and/or questions!


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