Before and After: The Completed Master Bathroom

Hi everyone! We have a ton of before and after photos to share with you guys, but since the master bath has been at the forefront most recently we decided to start with this one. Here it is when we purchased it, in all of its shiny brass, green tile and striped wallpaper glory. So … Continue reading Before and After: The Completed Master Bathroom


Master Bathroom Update

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy few weeks over here, between work travel, the Easter holiday, and trying to get the house finished and on the market! We had a really nice week as a family leading up to the holiday, enjoying the lovely weather and getting our back flower beds whipped into shape. The … Continue reading Master Bathroom Update

Grouting the Master Bathroom

This weekend we've been hard at the messy work of grouting the rest of the master bathroom! The charcoal grout we chose is incredibly messy, but it does look good! I would highly recommend wearing gloves if you're grouting with dark gray or black grout! Here's how everything looked after the grout was applied and … Continue reading Grouting the Master Bathroom

Tiling the Master Bathroom

We're finally laying tile! It's one of my favorite stages of the remodel, because things suddenly feel a LOT more finished! For the tile in the master bath we decided to go with something a little different than the other two bathrooms. In those rooms we chose this white marble-look tile from Lowes. We still … Continue reading Tiling the Master Bathroom

Drywall Purgatory

The past few weeks while we've been in quarantine have been a nightmare of drywall work. It always seems like drywall takes the longest during these projects, possibly just because we hate it so much, but also maybe because things feel so much more finished once the drywall is in place and textured. After the … Continue reading Drywall Purgatory

Weekend Update

Hi everyone! It's been another crazy week over here in the Kraft house! This week started out challenging as the kids finished up their Covid quarantines on Monday. Unfortunately this meant that Jordan's only real workday on the house was Tuesday before he was back on shift for the rest of the week, so he … Continue reading Weekend Update

Installing the Shower Pan in the Master Bath

This week we've continued working on the master bathroom, which is our final large project before we list the Vineyard House. As we've mentioned in other posts, our shower was not finished properly in the original install, so we had a lot of work to do to get it corrected. First, Jordan laid down a … Continue reading Installing the Shower Pan in the Master Bath

Quarantine Chronicles

This weekend was a bit challenging to get work done, as we found out that despite being extremely careful during this pandemic, our middle toddler brought Covid home from daycare. Not only are we super worried about the other kids who are also too young to be vaccinated, but we now have a mandatory quarantine … Continue reading Quarantine Chronicles

Monday Morning Update

Happy Monday! Who felt like this was a super long weekend? Just me? The kids were off school since Thursday and Jordan went back to work on Saturday, so not only was it Christmas and a four day weekend, but it was also the first weekend that I had all three kids by myself. Let … Continue reading Monday Morning Update

Master Bathroom Demo Update, A Floor Plan, and a Mood Board

Hi everyone! We are well underway with our master bathroom demo as we settle in as a new family of five! As a reminder, here's where our master bathroom started: We did initially paint the room white, but that is the only major modification we had made to this point. Here's where we are today. … Continue reading Master Bathroom Demo Update, A Floor Plan, and a Mood Board