Replacing the Cottage Porch Columns

Hi guys! Today we are sharing our progress on the cottage porch columns. When we bought the property and the cottage, the porch had rusty steel columns on the front, which I’m sure were intended to be “decorative”. They were also covered in the same lead paint as the rest of the house exterior. When … Continue reading Replacing the Cottage Porch Columns

This Week’s Project Update

This week we’re working through a lot of the items on our checklist. I painted the laundry room, which had a bunch of areas that needed touching up after some wear and tear over the years. I also put the finishing touches on the kids bathroom, as there were a couple of areas that still … Continue reading This Week’s Project Update

Our Project List for Selling Our Home

The time is fast approaching that we need to get the Vineyard House on the market, so in addition to banging away at existing projects, Jordan and I have been making a master list of to-do's before we officially go on the market. Even though it is a seller's market right now, we still want … Continue reading Our Project List for Selling Our Home

Replacing the Header Board on the Cottage Porch

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great evening! With three littles we didn't do anything really special, as we're still trying to get as much sleep as possible. Today we're sharing an update on replacing the header board on the cottage's porch. When we had the house leveled, the porch separated from … Continue reading Replacing the Header Board on the Cottage Porch

Monday Morning Update

Happy Monday! Who felt like this was a super long weekend? Just me? The kids were off school since Thursday and Jordan went back to work on Saturday, so not only was it Christmas and a four day weekend, but it was also the first weekend that I had all three kids by myself. Let … Continue reading Monday Morning Update

2021: Year in Review

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend getting ready for Christmas! We celebrated Christmas with Jordan’s family over the weekend since Jordan’s first day back to work from paternity leave will be Christmas Day. We really appreciated his family being willing to come to us this year, since traveling with a newborn … Continue reading 2021: Year in Review

Leveling the Cottage

Hi everyone! Today we're going to share one of the major corrections that we knew would need to be made to the cottage when we first purchased the property. On our first walk through of the house prior to purchasing the property, it was very obvious that the house had some major foundation issues. Not … Continue reading Leveling the Cottage

Master Bathroom Demo Update, A Floor Plan, and a Mood Board

Hi everyone! We are well underway with our master bathroom demo as we settle in as a new family of five! As a reminder, here's where our master bathroom started: We did initially paint the room white, but that is the only major modification we had made to this point. Here's where we are today. … Continue reading Master Bathroom Demo Update, A Floor Plan, and a Mood Board