Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos

Hi everyone! We were thrilled to receive our newborn photos this week! Our photographer always does an amazing job, and even though our older kiddos didn’t really cooperate (oops!) we still got some really nice photos of us and the baby. And of course these gorgeous black and whites that she always does. Merry Christmas … Continue reading Baby Finn’s Newborn Photos


Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Enthusiasts

Hi guys! Today we wanted to share some of the best Christmas gift ideas we’ve found for ourselves and our family of RV lovers! Full transparency, Jordan’s brother and his wife are retrofitting a van for camping, and his parents just purchased a fifth-wheel, so we may have purchased some of these items for Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Enthusiasts

A Real Gift Guide for New Moms

Okay guys, sorry for pranking you on the previous gift guide for moms (although Jordan probably feels this is accurate. Here's a real gift guide for things that new moms ACTUALLY want to have. Vacuum Cleaner $227 I'm leaving this wet vacuum on the list, because this is what Jordan and I bought as our … Continue reading A Real Gift Guide for New Moms

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

Hi guys! If you're like us and have what feels like a house FULL of toddlers, you may also be struggling with what to buy those toddlers for Christmas. We're all about high value toys (value, not price) rather than buying a bunch of plastic junk, and asking for experiences, so we're going to share … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

Christmas Gift Guide for Someone Who has Everything

Hi guys! Are you ready for Christmas yet? Any last minute shopping to do? I always have trouble coming up with gifts for people like the grandparents, who don't really need anything, and coworkers who you may not know well enough to know what they would like. I've put together a list of some of … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide for Someone Who has Everything

Happy Halloween! DIY “Pet Sematary”

Hey everyone! We've spent the past few weeks since our trip getting back into the swing of things at home, and getting caught up on projects around the house. Our biggest home renovation news is that we finally ordered the stone for our fireplace, which is going to be an Austin white chalk limestone veneer. … Continue reading Happy Halloween! DIY “Pet Sematary”