Thanksgiving and Baby Griffin’s First Birthday

Hi everyone!

Today we wanted to share our holiday with all of you, as well as our last baby’s first birthday (*sob*).

Thanksgiving dawned bright and early with Jordan and I heading out to the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot. We’ve run it several times in the past, but this is the first time since having kids that we’ve both run together.

The weather was rainy and cold, which definitely isn’t my favorite race weather, but had some benefits in that the turnout was quite low and the parking was very easy compared to previous years. We stopped and picked up some ponchos on the way to the race so that we could at least stay dry until we started running.

Jordan and I were both hoping for fast times as we’ve been working on speeding up during our training. Unfortunately we also had to take time off during the final two weeks as Jordan has been having some knee issues and I’ve been traveling a bunch for work.

We were both reasonably pleased with our times all things considered, with Jordan coming in at 22:01 (7 minutes/mile) and me at 24:41 (7:51 minutes/mile).

After the race we headed home to get ready for Baby Griffin’s first birthday party!

For this party we decided to do a camping and bear theme.

We ordered Finny’s cakes from Bittersweet Bakery in Waxahachie, and once again they did a phenomenal job. Finn’s smash cake was precious, and the “adult” cake turned out beautifully.

Our little man was very excited.

We started with Thanksgiving dinner, which the kids didn’t eat much of (toddlers, amirite?). Although they did scarf down some Hawaiian dinner rolls.

After dinner it was time to smash some cake. Finn wasn’t sure at first.

But then he really got into it.

Gratuitous naked baby photo 🙂

We had such a good time celebrating with the family for both the holiday and Griffin’s first birthday. Hope everyone had a happy turkey day!


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