Our Stone Farmhouse Update – Meeting with the Builder

Hi everyone!

Today we wanted to share our most recent update on our future house, so that anyone interested in the process can follow along with us!

After almost a year we are finally finished with our plans for our house, although I’m sure there will still be some edits throughout the building process. We have had a lot going on over the past year, so there were months at a time that we had to put the planning process on hold (like that time I had our third baby and when we sold the Vineyard House).

Before we went out of town on vacation we had a meeting scheduled with our builder to officially sign our contract documents. These documents basically agreed on the terms of the build, the builder’s fees, and we put down our build deposit. Our builder charges a set dollar amount per area under roof, and then the rest of the work is done at cost. This should allow us to control some of the costs by choosing more or less expensive options.

Here are our most recent elevations.

One of the biggest updates we made with the overall look and feel of the house was to elongate the footprint so that it wasn’t so cramped together, which also gave us the opportunity to make all aspects of the house more attractive. Since we’re building on property we wanted to make sure that any side you approach the house from will look good, as opposed to a house in a neighborhood which is never really seen from the side or rear.

The next steps for our house will be our spec meeting with the builder and designer in a few weeks where we will outline all of our wants and needs and then they will start the bidding process. At that point we will be able to set a budget for the build and we’ll go get our loan.

In anticipation of that next meeting, we’ll be focusing over the next few weeks on some of our final choices and preferences for things like floors, countertops, and other design elements that may contribute a large amount to the cost of the home. We’ll keep you posted as we move through the process!


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