The Results Are In! Summer Weight Loss Challenge Wrap Up

Hi everyone!

Last week before we headed out on the third Kraft Family Vacation to Gulf Shores, we finished up our summer weight loss challenge with some surprising results!

The Friday morning before the final weigh-in we were up early packing the car to leave for Alabama. I did a final run the day before and cut off food and water around 2pm. Jordan got in two final runs the day before, and cut off food and water around 9am.

Here are the final results!


  • Total miles logged: 175
  • Total pounds lost: 33.3
  • % of weight lost: 17.7%
  • Place: 1st!


  • Total miles logged: 94
  • Total pounds lost: 12.3
  • % of weight lost: 8%
  • Place: 5th!

Jordan and his brother really cranked things up the last 2-3 weeks and both lost an obscene amount of weight prior to the final weigh in. The vast majority of the work was done through intermittent fasting (Jordan did OMAD) and calorie restriction, as well as logging a lot of running miles. Jordan was pretty proud of his bragging rights and his winnings, which he then used to purchase crab dinner for the family one night while we were on vacation.

We had a great time competing as a team and getting back into running together as a couple. We’re hoping to keep up with the weight loss, as I still have about 10 pounds to goal, although I’m 10 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. We’re also looking to add muscle now, since during the competition the goal was strictly weight loss.

Hope everyone has a great week, and we’ll be back soon!


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