Countdown to the 3rd Annual Kraft Family Vacation begins!

Hi everyone!

We are so excited that in just over two months we will be driving our way to the third Kraft family vacation, so today I wanted to share what Jordan I have been up to for the last two weeks (in our free time)!

In preparation for our big family vacation this August, our family decided that we are going to have a little bit of a competition to get into shape before hitting the beach! Jordan and I, his parents, his siblings, and their spouses are all competing for the jackpot and bragging rights. The contest is running for 12 weeks, right up until we leave for vacation, and we had our first official weigh in last Friday.

I’ll be honest, I had fallen off the wagon a little bit when it comes to my intermittent fasting and workouts so I’ve been kicking it back into gear this week. Here’s the plan:

  • Following IF on an 18:6 schedule, generally eating between the hours of 8am and 2pm.
  • Limiting flour and sugar (this doesn’t necessarily mean carbs)
  • Running several days a week
  • Friday after weigh-in we can have a cheat meal

How did we stack up going into week 3?


  • Miles logged this week: 0.0
  • Total miles logged: 6.0
  • Pounds lost this week: 1.2
  • Total pounds lost: 5.2


  • Miles logged this week: 5.9
  • Total miles logged: 15.5
  • Pounds lost this week: 1.4
  • Total pounds lost: 7.9

Jordan is currently in 6th and I’m currently in 2nd! I expect the boys will all catch up though as they have a lot more weight available to lose than I do!

We’ll be back soon with more house and airstream updates!


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