That’s A Wrap! Here’s What We Completed On Our Pre-Sale To-Do List (And What We Didn’t)

The first week of January we shared our list of projects to do before we sell our house.

Here’s how our master list is looking now:

Whole Home
  • Fill holes
  • Touch up caulk
  • Touch up paint
  • Replace switchplates
  • Fix insulation in attic
  • Deep clean
Front Entryway
  • Fix drywall behind door
  • Touch up paint on front door

Honestly, most of this just came down to time. We had a firm deadline on getting the house listed, so we had to prioritize items and this was just to small to worry about.

Dining Room
  • Sand and paint scratches in window trim
  • Remove support over this room
Laundry Room
  • Touch up paint
  • Install wood panel behind washer
Back Hallway
  • Finish wainscoting in corner
Living Room
  • Fix and re-seal exterior French doors
  • Fix drywall on ceiling
Kids Bedrooms
  • Fix loose wire in attic over these rooms
  • Touch up crown molding in Charlie’s room
  • Fix popped nails in Charlie’s room

Fan, Blackout Curtains, Name Sign, Dog Art, Fox Art, Lounger Cover, Boppy Cover, Hamper, Crib, Changing Table, Linens, Glider, Pillow, Rug, Sheepskin

Office/Finn’s Bedroom
  • Finish painting and hang French doors
  • Build closet?

Building a closet would have been a major project in this room, so ultimately we decided against it, again due to time.

Bonus Room
  • Paint and re-seal exterior door
  • Clean fireplace
  • Paint interior of fireplace
  • Sand and repair pocket door frame
  • Repaint pocket door
Half Bath
  • Install doorstop
Kids Bath
  • Paint shoe molding next to shower
  • Touch up bubbly areas of paint
  • Touch up around recessed light

Bed, Rug, Barn Doors, Nightstands

Master Bedroom
  • Touch up window casing
Master Bath
  • Finish drywall
  • Install trim and paint
  • Install tile
  • Install shower, tub, toilet
  • Install vanities, mirrors, and lights
  • Repair shelving in closet (paint and caulk)
  • Fix and finish drywall
  • Clean and organize
  • Repair garage door
  • Order and install trim kit for garage doors
  • Replace water heater
  • Repair box under water tanks
  • Replace siding around master bedroom door
  • Remove damaged window screens
  • Finish painting exterior
  • Repair driveway (pour gravel)
  • Finish well cover
  • Repair brick around culvert
  • Round-up, weed, mulch, and replant beds
  • Pressure wash the barn
  • Rake stalls
  • Fix vinyl fence
  • Pressure wash house
  • Plant new flowers and mulch beds

We had some fairly major items that we raced to get finished in the last week before listing, including finishing up the master bath and closet, finishing the exterior painting, replacing the old leaking water heater, and more. I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished, although it was definitely a long week with a lot of late nights trying to get everything done! We’ll share these projects in more detail as well as some of the befores and afters soon.


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