The Birthday Raccoon

Hi everyone!

This weekend we celebrated our daughter’s second birthday with her favorite animal, the cute cuddly raccoon!

Honestly this was one of the most fun birthday parties we’ve had. We had the whole family over as well as a few friends with kids, and we had everything set up for the kids to have a great time. We bought this unicorn inflatable splash pad for the littles, this bouncy house-water slide combo for the bigger kids, and had all of the kids’ cars and riding toys, as well as their pirate ship water table out for the kids to play with. Everyone seemed to have a great time!

We had pizza, cookies, cake, ice cream… all the necessities for a kid-friendly party.

Even the baby had fun 🙂

Charlie also enjoyed opening all of her many, many gifts!

We’ve also been getting the house cleaned up as it’s a mere two weeks before we hit the market!

Check out our freshly mulched front beds and tidied up front entry.

We’ve been hard at work over here, and we can’t wait to show you the rest of what we’ve been working on!


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