What We’re Doing This Weekend and Resolution Progress

Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy weekend over here at the Kraft house! Jordan is working all weekend, so I’m figuring out how to manage all three kiddos on my own in public. We were invited to a friend’s birthday yesterday at the Fort Worth Zoo, and the toddlers had a great time.

They especially enjoyed getting to see some animals up close at the party, when the zookeepers brought out an opossum, snake, and parrot. Charlie especially liked the opossum (whose name was Potato 🙂 .

Overall the trip went pretty well for my first time out with all three kids, although leaving the zoo was a little bit of a disaster. Charlie was overtired and laid down in the middle of the sidewalk and screamed until one of our kind friends walked by with their wagon and gave us a lift back to the car. Moral of the story: buy a wagon.

Despite that minor meltdown, I actually felt pretty good about how things went with the kiddos. I’m able to carry the baby in our Lillebaby carrier, and he’s able to nurse in there if I have the right kind of top on, so I don’t have to take him out except for diaper changes. The two older kids did great for the most part too. Based on this success, I decided to take them to a huge local playground in Fort Worth this morning. The kids had a great time running around and exploring.

I also wanted to give you guys an update on how our resolutions are going! Obviously we are running a bit behind on getting our house market-ready, which I really think was caused by the huge setback of our 10 day Covid quarantine, which spanned two weekends that were going to be dedicated to working on the house while Jordan was off work.

So what about our other resolutions?

Our farmhouse plans are currently still in progress. We were very excited to share the front elevations, but when we got the rest of the elevations we realized that the house wasn’t shaping up the way we expected, so we’ve gone back to the drawing board. I’ll share a bit more about that later this week as well.

One thing that working on plans has made me realize is that I need a better understanding of the period architecture of the time, so I purchased this book which has been a super interesting read.

Highly recommend for anyone who loves gorgeous old architecture or is looking to build an old-looking new house (or dream about it!).

Jordan and I have officially made plans for our first trip away from all three kiddos, the first weekend of May! I’m so excited to share where we’re going… can you guess? (Hint: our final destination can only be reached by boat or seaplane.)

A few other things are moving forward as well. I’ve started intermittent fasting as I mentioned in a previous post, and in 5 weeks have dropped 11 pounds, and am down to pre-pregnancy weight! Anyone who has had kids knows this doesn’t necessarily mean I look the way I did before kids, so I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get back in shape and lose the additional 20lbs I’d like to get to my goal weight. I’ve never had progress like this before though, so I am thrilled to see if it continues to work!

We’ve also been spending a lot more time with our families, which has been really nice for the kids. They love seeing their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and we do too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll be back soon!


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