Drywall Purgatory

The past few weeks while we’ve been in quarantine have been a nightmare of drywall work.

It always seems like drywall takes the longest during these projects, possibly just because we hate it so much, but also maybe because things feel so much more finished once the drywall is in place and textured.

After the drywall sheets were cut and installed, we had to tape all of the seams, mud the joints and screws, sand the seams, and mud again. I think Jordan did four coats of mud and sanded twice. We used this fast-setting drywall compound that we have used successfully on other projects for this stage.

Once the seams and imperfections were smoothed out, we taped the room off and prepared to spray texture. We went with a knock-down finish to match the rest of the house.

After texturing we put on the drywall primer to seal it, and then the paint.

I was debating between Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore White Dove for the walls. We have used Alabaster in other areas (it’s the trim color on our exterior) as well, so I decided to stick with the same color. I was worried White Dove would come out looking a bit yellow next to all of the gray and white going into the bathroom.

Similar to the rest of the house, we used Behr Ultra from Home Depot in an eggshell finish. I also had to paint the ceiling along the edges where we taped and retextured the drywall. I had previously painted the ceiling in the bathroom so I picked up another gallon of the same Behr flat ceiling white and cut in along the edges of the ceiling.

Next up we’ll be starting on tiling the floor, which is when the room will really start to feel like it’s coming together!


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