Weekend Update

Hi everyone!

It’s been another crazy week over here in the Kraft house!

This week started out challenging as the kids finished up their Covid quarantines on Monday. Unfortunately this meant that Jordan’s only real workday on the house was Tuesday before he was back on shift for the rest of the week, so he spent most of that time working on getting ready to tile in the bathroom.

Sealed floor tile ready to be laid.

We also picked up the glass for the shower and the bath tub from Home Depot this week, so that we can get those installed once we’re ready. I believe this means we have just about everything delivered and ready to go!

This week was also my first week back at work from maternity leave, which is always a challenge. I am happy to be back and supporting my teams, but juggling the baby until he goes to daycare, the kids’ quarantines, and catching up on all of the things I missed while I was out definitely made for a busy week. It’s so challenging being a mom in a professional role, with the gender stereotypes that we are trying to break and the societal pressures placed on us to appear to have everything together all the time (while our children are destroying our houses, screaming in the background on calls, and just generally causing pandemonium).

So sweet and innocent, right?

I also have begun intermittent fasting in addition to my workout routine (although to be honest my workouts have gone by the wayside this week due to everything mentioned above). I chose to try intermittent fasting after reading The Obesity Code and Fast, Feast, Repeat, and listening to the Weight Loss for Busy Physicians podcast, and the science behind it is really interesting. I’ll give you guys an update once we see how things are going!

Finally, Jordan and I have booked our first trip of the year, which will be a quick weekend getaway in May. We are excited to have some adult time away from the kiddos, and will be sharing the details once we have everything lined up!

Hope everyone had a great week!

What I’m reading right now: Steadfast by Mercedes Lackey

What I’m listening to right now:

What we’re eating this week:


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