Installing the Shower Pan in the Master Bath

This week we’ve continued working on the master bathroom, which is our final large project before we list the Vineyard House.

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, our shower was not finished properly in the original install, so we had a lot of work to do to get it corrected.

First, Jordan laid down a pre-cut shower liner. This goes under the shower pan, since water will seep down through the cement. Theoretically since we are on a slab it doesn’t matter if we have a liner or not, but we wanted to do things the right way. The liner ensures that any water that seeps through the pan will be diverted to the drain.

Then we pulled our heavy plastic back down to the level of the liner, and installed our drain.

The next step was to install the cement board and the rest of our drywall. Jordan added a couple of two-by-fours on the back wall to create an alcove for shampoo, similar to what we did in the kids bath.

Jordan gathered all of his tools to install the shower pan.

From left to right: float, measuring tape, three different sized levels, trowel, 2×4, mallet, egg beater mixing attachment on a corded drill, bucket, 4:1 Mud Bed mix, pitcher of water

Before he began pouring in the mud bed mixture, he placed some pea gravel underneath the new drain.

Then he mixed and poured the mud bed, smoothing it down evenly as he went. He used his laser level to ensure it was level with the existing floor, and carefully sloped the main portion of the pan down towards the drain.

Once the shower pan was completed, we put up the remaining pieces of drywall.

Next up, filling holes, taping seams, floating and texturing the drywall! Once the drywall is finished we can move on to tiling the floor, which is one of the steps I’m most excited about.


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