Quarantine Chronicles

This weekend was a bit challenging to get work done, as we found out that despite being extremely careful during this pandemic, our middle toddler brought Covid home from daycare.

Not only are we super worried about the other kids who are also too young to be vaccinated, but we now have a mandatory quarantine for the older two from daycare for the next ten days, throwing a huge wrench in our plans to get a bunch of work on the house knocked out over the next two weeks. (We had grandparents lined up to take the older kids so that we could work, obviously that can’t happen now.)

Jordan has been busy working on the drywall when he can, which ends up being during nap time or after the kids go to bed, which is quite limited. We’re not at a place where I can really help yet, once he’s got the room textured I can start painting while he lays tile. I can also seal the tiles before they go down, but this should be a relatively quick job.

As far as our other projects go, I completed the repainting on the doors to Finn’s room and rehung them with new hardware at the end of last week.

It feels like years since we actually had doors up! I cleaned all of the glass panes too, which probably wasn’t necessary since the kids immediately ran up and smudged them with dirty kid fingers (why are they always sticky and gross? Why?).

I also started week 5 of our workout program which begins phase 2… it is definitely a bit tougher! Hoping to see some good results there.

Finally, we meal planned hard at the end of last week, starting a new system of essentially “drawing straws” for meals, to reduce my decision fatigue. We took all of our favorite recipes, wrote the names on popsicle sticks, add a few sticks for “take out” and “new recipe”, and then I let Jordan draw our first week of meals. Today we cooked my favorite vegetable lasagna from Cookie & Kate, which the kids totally enjoy too when I don’t make it overly spicy.

Here’s a short video of Jordan working on our drywall. He’s currently floating the seams, then will do a final sand and will start spraying texture. We’re doing knock-down to match the rest of the house. I can get started painting after that!


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