Replacing the Header Board on the Cottage Porch

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a great evening! With three littles we didn’t do anything really special, as we’re still trying to get as much sleep as possible.

Today we’re sharing an update on replacing the header board on the cottage’s porch.

When we had the house leveled, the porch separated from the roof line, so we knew we were going to have to do some damage control to make sure the porch was supported. You can read about adding the temporary supports here.

In addition, we also noticed that the porch was another place that the house wasn’t framed appropriately. The entire porch was lacking a header board for support, so once the porch was supported with the temporary braces Jordan and his dad and brother got to work on putting up the new header.

Due to the span of the porch (34 feet), Jordan decided to stagger two 2×10’s side-by-side across the length with a 1/2 inch plywood spacer.

After piecing together the header board, the guys put up supports to hoist the board into place. They used Jordan’s laser level to put the header board in line with the post bases, and then screwed the header board into place.

The next step was to transfer the posts from the temporary bracing to the new header, so that the temporary header could be removed. Then Jordan started putting in the post bases. He placed them using the laser level and plumb line to ensure they were in the appropriate places for the new cedar posts.

Laser level and plumb line
Drilling holes for the bolts into the porch

Installed post base

Here’s the newly installed header board, waiting for its new cedar posts!

Thanks for following along, and we’ll share more with you soon!


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