Monday Morning Update

Happy Monday!

Who felt like this was a super long weekend? Just me? The kids were off school since Thursday and Jordan went back to work on Saturday, so not only was it Christmas and a four day weekend, but it was also the first weekend that I had all three kids by myself. Let me tell you, parts of it were brutal.

So what am I spending my Monday doing other than enjoying the relative quiet with my four-week-old? Cleaning and working on projects of course! Here’s today’s to-do list:

I have so much to do I literally had to make a list this morning. And I keep adding to it as I find new things…

What else have we been up to? Well, last week we were worked on getting the drywall up in the master bathroom, and Jordan started on the shower plumbing and the cement board install. The insulation on the exterior walls behind the shower tile was in pretty bad shape so we planned to replace it. Jordan remembered that we had some left over insulation in the attic, so he went up to see if he could drag it down and put it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, a misstep off the decking in the attic resulted in this:

Fortunately he landed on a ceiling joist, so instead of falling all the way through the ceiling he just banged himself up pretty good. We do have some drywall work to do in the garage already, so we’ll just add that hole to the list.

We also had a really fun time taking the kids to the Dallas Arboretum on Friday. The grandparents were nice enough to get us memberships to the Arboretum and the Fort Worth Zoo for Christmas, so we took advantage of the 80+ degree weather to get the kids out and about. We hadn’t actually been in the children’s garden before even though we’ve been to the Arboretum dozens of times, and it was a lot of fun. Parker especially enjoyed all of the STEM-themed activities available for kids.

Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend and we’ll be back with more updates soon!


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