Problems with the Cottage Addition

Hi everyone!

We’re back today to share yet another hiccup with our cottage.

When we first walked through the house, we immediately noticed that there was some evidence of previous water damage on the ceiling in the living room.

Check out the big patch on the ceiling

Once we got the ceiling drywall ripped out, we could see that a lot of the rafters were rotten and bowed from previous water damage.

We also had a few other problems with the addition, some of which we were aware of and others which were surprises. We knew that we were going to want to re-side the entire house to incorporate the same siding across the addition, rather than having it be sided differently and look like an obvious addition. We also knew we might still have a level change between the main house and the addition, which should be fine in the long run if we trim out a nice step.

Another surprise was once the siding came off, we realized that majority of the sill plate was rotten and termite eaten. Unfortunately this is not an easy fix, as the entire structure would need to be braced, the rotten sill plate removed and replaced.

Ultimately, due to the amount of work needed all over the house between reinforcing the framing, needing to frame out all of the windows (which are literally just screwed into the siding), re-drywalling, and re-siding the house, we decided that it would be easier to tear down the addition and rebuild it than try to make the existing structure sound.

Do you feel like we’re basically going to be rebuilding a whole new house at this point? We do!

We’ll leave you with our little friend we found during the demo, hopefully he has moved on to a new home due to all of the construction and disturbance at the house right now.

Have a great weekend!


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