Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Enthusiasts

Hi guys!

Today we wanted to share some of the best Christmas gift ideas we’ve found for ourselves and our family of RV lovers!

Full transparency, Jordan’s brother and his wife are retrofitting a van for camping, and his parents just purchased a fifth-wheel, so we may have purchased some of these items for Christmas gifts this year 😉

  1. The Ridge Wallet $105 We love The Narrows design, based on maps of Zion National Park. A super cool wallet for travelers.
  2. Personalized Enamel Mugs $22/mug These mugs can be customized to show your vehicle, whether it’s a Sprinter van, an Airstream, or a fifth-wheel, and can also have names added.
  3. The New Camp Cookbook $14 A great basic addition to a camper’s or RVer’s collection, this book has great ideas for meals on the road.
  4. Camp Cocktails $20 Another option (or a great partner) for #3, this book is all about making mixed drinks on the road with limited options.
  5. Original Rumpl Blanket $129 I love my Rumpl blanket, and I wish I needed another because this Yellowstone National Park print is gorgeous.
  6. Yoga Mats $28 Our favorite affordable yoga mats, which come in a nice range of colors as well. These mats are thicker than a traditional yoga mat, which is great for people with bony tailbones like me!
  7. Date Night. Your RV-ing friends are likely minimalists who don’t want a lot of clutter, and by nature are people who value experiences over things. Consider giving them a gift card to a nice restaurant (including an IOU for babysitting if they have kids!) so that they can treat themselves the next time they’re in town.

We hope this helps our fellow RV-ers (and friends and family of RV-ers) in figuring out what to get for Christmas this year! Happy holidays!


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