A Real Gift Guide for New Moms

Okay guys, sorry for pranking you on the previous gift guide for moms (although Jordan probably feels this is accurate. Here’s a real gift guide for things that new moms ACTUALLY want to have.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner $227 I’m leaving this wet vacuum on the list, because this is what Jordan and I bought as our “big gift” for ourselves this year. So far it seems like a pretty solid wet vac, and we were definitely in need of a replacement and upgrade from our old one. Bonus – it also works as a regular vacuum.
  2. Robe $70 I’m leaving this one the list too. This was my very favorite robe for maternity and beyond, and I wore it in the hospital for both Charlie and Finn. Isn’t the deer print cute? They also have matching swaddles.
  3. Diaper Backpack $130 The updated version of my favorite diaper backpack. I have several diaper bags and this is the one I carry non-stop.
  4. Haakaa $27 If the new mom is nursing or planning on it, she’s definitely going to want a Haakaa. These amazing little pumps help catch milk on the side the baby isn’t nursing on, and are invaluable for starting a stash! I’m aging myself here, but when it’s full of milk I like to think of it as the Holy Hand Grenade 😉
  5. Kindle Paperwhite $140 Your new mama is going to need something to keep her busy while she is nursing that new baby at all hours of the night. Don’t forget to get her a Kindle gift card ($50, $100) while you’re at it.
  6. Faux Fur Slippers $19 I have wanted these adorable slippers forever! They look so cute and comfy, any new mama would be happy to have them.
  7. This Book $16 You’re going to think it’s a joke, but the day will come that a new mama will want to murder her husband as he happily sleeps through the night with his useless nipples while she’s up feeding the new baby. Be prepared with this book on the nightstand. (It was gifted to me by a friend shortly after the birth of our first son.)
  8. They All Saw A Cat $10 Okay, technically this one is for the baby, but this is my absolute favorite kids book that I have read to all of my children when they were little (and they ask for it!). It has gorgeous illustrations, and is a nice short book to read, so in a way it is also a gift for mom.
  9. Starbucks Gift Card $25 New moms don’t get a lot of sleep, help her out with caffeine when she needs it!
  10. Hello Fresh Subscription. Jordan and I have been doing Hello Fresh for a while now, and we love how easy the meals are, plus we’ve chosen healthy options that are much lower in calories and higher in vegetable content than most of the food we cook ourselves! If a new mama needs to take some of the grocery shopping and thought out of cooking, this may be a great gift for her.

Hope this gives you some good gift ideas for the new mothers in your life, and we’ll be back soon with more updates!


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