Master Bathroom Demo Update, A Floor Plan, and a Mood Board

Hi everyone!

We are well underway with our master bathroom demo as we settle in as a new family of five!

As a reminder, here’s where our master bathroom started:

We did initially paint the room white, but that is the only major modification we had made to this point. Here’s where we are today.

We took out the diagonal corner where the ladies’ vanity was, as this was a dead corner and basically wasted space. We also ripped out the pony wall around the shower so that we can change the layout of the shower and the bathtub to open up space in the middle of the room.

Here are our updated floor plans for the bathroom.

As for style, we opted not to get matchy-matchy with this bathroom compared to our others, so we are not planning on shiplap or a mostly white color scheme. We may run into some changes with our tile and vanities, depending on what is available, but this is our general plan.

We’ll share sources once we make our final design decisions!


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