Preparing for Newborn and Family Photos

Hi everyone!

With our new baby’s impending arrival, one of the exciting events that we are planning is our newborn and family photo session! We were really sad when we decided not to do newborn photos with Charlie due to the timing of her birth at the very beginning of the pandemic. We absolutely loved our photos from our firstborn’s newborn photos, so we are definitely looking forward to photos with all three kids this time around.

Here are a few of our favorites from Parker’s newborn session.

One of the parts that I have been stressing over a little bit has been what our family is going to wear during the photo session. I feel like this is always a stressful decision! In hopes of helping someone else like me who struggles with these decisions, here are the outfits we have chosen for our soon-to-be family of five.

We’re looking forward to having a Christmas-themed session and hopefully ending up with some beautiful photos that we will treasure.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and we will see you next week with our new arrival!

This content was originally posted on Aurora the Airstream.


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