Nursery Mood Boards

Hey everyone!

In the spirit of our surprise announcement last week, we have been doing some early planning for the arrival of our newest little one!

This week we will be able to find out the gender, which of course we will share with all of you. But until then, we have multiple different ideas for Harry Potter nursery themes, including two options if this baby is a girl!

Our first nursery theme is a neutral colored Owl and Hippogriff themed nursery for a baby girl. The walls will be a light gray, lots of fluffy textures, whites, grays, and rose gold.

Our second nursery theme is also for a girl, and wouldn’t require any painting! Our third bedroom (currently the guest bedroom) is already a nice light green, and so this nursery theme is Herbology! Think florals, greens and natural colors, and lots of plants. We’re still incorporating gold and rose gold here to keep things more feminine.

Our last nursery mood board is for a boy’s nursery, and is a classic take on Harry Potter. The walls would be a darker gray, with lots of darker colored, heavier furniture, and phoenix-themed lighting.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? We’ll follow up with a gender announcement later this week!


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