Roadtrip: Niagara Falls and the journey home

The last day of our vacation dawned bright and early as we walked down to Niagara Falls.

We wandered the pedestrian walkway that runs along the Canadian side of the Niagara river, from the International Rainbow Bridge to the Former Toronto Power Generating Station.

The views of the river and the falls were breathtaking.

Horseshoe Falls
American Falls

The Former Toronto Power Generating Station is a gorgeous old building from 1906 that unfortunately is no longer in use. We did enjoy the views though.

Just behind this building is the view of the Niagara Scow, the site of one of the most dramatic water rescues in history. The boat has been in place since that rescue in 1918, as it was deemed too dangerous to remove.

We continued walking down the river until we reached a point where we could turn around and cross the street.

We walked past the Nikola Tesla statue on the way back. One of Jordan’s idols, and the person his beloved Tesla Model 3 is named for, he was super excited to see the monument.

In the afternoon, after spending the morning at the falls, we headed out to the free Niagara Falls Botanic Garden.

Different than most paid-entry botanical gardens, this garden is run more like a state or city park, where you can just wander through at your leisure.

I loved the gorgeous ivy on this building, as well as the planters by the door.
The herb garden
The start of one of the crabtree alleys

We also visited the Butterfly Conservatory.

Outdoor butterfly garden

Parker enjoyed seeing the butterflies, although we had to be careful that he didn’t accidentally crush any.

After the botanic gardens, we were ready for our drive to Buffalo. We had already picked up our stuff from our hotel, and we had an hour drive to the airport hotel. Jordan dropped off our rental car the evening before our trip home to save us money and time in the morning. The hotel was literally on the airport property, which made for a later than usual morning prior to our flight. We were able to “sleep in” until 5am.

The flights back were pretty uneventful, and we lucked out again that Parker slept for most of both flights. We arrived back in Dallas before noon, picked up our dogs, and made it home before 2pm. It was nice to get home early in the day!

We had time to clean up and put away our things this afternoon so that we’ll be ready to get back in the swing of things tomorrow. Overall we had an amazing trip, and were so lucky that our little guy was such a trooper.

See you later!


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