Packing for Acadia, Bar Harbor, and Canada

The time has arrived! We are packing up our stuff for the Kraft family trip of 2019, and our first big trip with baby Parker!

So what does a new family of three take on a two week journey across the country, and then a road trip from Bar Harbor, Maine to Niagara Falls, Ontario? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

A few things to know before we get on with our packing list. 1) We arranged to have cribs in every hotel room, so that we wouldn’t have to bring a travel crib. 2) Since we are roadtripping and will have a car, we didn’t have to worry about space. 3) We fly Southwest so we can check bags if necessary.

First up: My carry-on bag

My carry-on is the gorgeous Mason Weekender bag from Sole Society. It has traveled internationally with us, and is my primary travel bag as it is small enough to stow in an overhead bin. It also has a separate shoe compartment, which I love.

For this trip I am taking three sets of shoes, my Sperrys, my Sam Edelman Greta sandals, and my running shoes. I will have to get in a few runs on our trip due to my half marathon coming up, and the modest amount of hiking we will be doing with the baby should be ok in sneakers so I don’t have to bring my hiking boots.

The weather while we are in Bar Harbor should be nice and temperate, with highs not reaching 80 and lows just missing the 50s. I am bringing a few outfits for hiking including 7/8 length tights and a long sleeve and tank option.

Just in case we get some cooler days I have also packed a few sweaters.

I love my striped lightweight sweater from Target, as well as my J.Crew Tippi sweater and my KJP sweatshirt. Not pictured is my hip-length raincoat from Target, just in case we get some showers.

As I said before, I will have to get some runs in, so I brought one lightweight running outfit for the days I can make a run happen.

The bulk of my clothing is lightweight for the anticipated gorgeous weather. I have two J.Crew vintage v-necks, my two sweaters, and a long sleeved striped boatneck top from Target, and for bottoms I have my AE skinnies, eggplant colored Lila Ryan skinnies, navy J.Crew shorts, pink Vineyard Vines shorts, and jean shorts from StitchFix.

I also packed two sports bras, two regular bras, several pairs of socks and underwear.

For toiletries and accessories, here is the accumulation I usually travel with.

Makeup bag, hairbrush, earrings, belt, earbuds, face wipes, eyeshadows, travel-size shampoo, conditioner, face wash, mouthwash, toothpaste, Vitamin C serum, retinol cream, undereye cream, night cream, and moisturizer. (Not pictured: face sunscreen and deodorant.)

And yes, all of that stuff does fit in my carry-on! Here’s how I pack the bottom compartment.

Next up: Parker’s bag

For Parker we packed a lot of clothing options due to the variable weather.

Pictured above are two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, four pairs of jogger pants/khakis, four t-shirts, three long-sleeved shirts, one polo, one sweater, and a rain jacket.

We did have a few items for us and the baby that were not going to be able to be carried on. We double bagged these and put them inside a small tote with Parker’s spare clothes, that all tucked inside the large duffel carrying our Osprey Pogo AG baby hiking backpack.

Detergent packs for laundry, baby bug repellent lotion, face sunscreen, baby sunscreen, mouthwash, deodorant, and moisturizer

Third: Jordan’s bag

Jordan is a notoriously light packer. He takes his North Face backpack as his primary bag on most of our vacations, and then lives in one or two changes of clothing for the entire trip.

For this trip I was able to convince him to bring slightly more, with three pairs of Prana Zion pants (great for tall people!), one pair of shorts, four T-shirts and a polo (mostly Old Navy), his Arc’teryx knit jacket and Theta AR rain jacket. He also brought his Sperrys, but completely forgot his Patagonia trail running shoes for hiking.

This was our final stack ready to go in the car. We had my carry-on, Jordan’s carry-on, Parker’s bag, the car seat (with several packs of diapers and formula shoved down in the bag), our new GB Pockit Plus stroller, and our duffel with the Osprey Poco AG and the bag of larger toiletries. It’s a lot more stuff than we’re used to taking, but we need a lot for two weeks of travel with the baby!

And that’s it for now! We’ll be back soon with an update from our trip!


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