Working for the Weekend: Hot Trot 10K, Gardening, and Gathering

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This weekend we were super busy in the Kraft house! First thing Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the Hot Trot 10k in Dallas, benefitting the Assist the Officer Foundation. Parker was able to come with his papa to cheer me on.

It wasn’t my fastest 10K by any means, but I still managed to pull a 3rd place in my division. They gave us some nice swag.

After coming home from the race, we continued our endeavors in the yard and on the front beds. At this point we were pretty much done weeding, so we just had the mulching, mowing, and tree trimming to do. Jordan also bought a new attachment for our mower to sweep up the grass clippings after mowing.

While I watched Parker and cleaned in the house, Jordan went and bought cedar mulch from Living Earth for our front beds. We are really hoping this helps us keep our crazy weed problems under control. We spread a thick layer of mulch in the front beds around our existing plants and watered it in to help tamp it down.

In the large bed in front of the house we have several boxwood bushes, some pittosporum, canna lilies, calla lilies, ornamental kale, mums, and Walker’s Low catmint, in addition to our crepe myrtle tree.

In the smaller bed on the right we have similar boxwood bushes, a small calla lily, more ornamental kale, and our large vitex tree, which is flowering right now. I love its gorgeous blue color, although we frequently have to trim it back from the house.

Our vitex tree in all of its glory.

I also replanted my front door planters with pink astilbe and foxtail ferns.

In addition to the yardwork that we completed this weekend, we also threw a small get together for some of our friends. The gathering was 1920s themed cocktails, so we set up a small cocktail bar on our peninsula for mixing drinks.

We also had a food table set out, with several options to choose from. We made some of our most favorite party snacks for the gathering: bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers that Jordan grilled for us, baked brie with jalapeno jelly (based on this recipe), cheddar cheese shortbreads, and sriracha deviled eggs. Jordan also made a couple of apple pies and some strawberries and cream. Everything turned out amazing, and of course we forgot to take photos! He’s a pretty great cook 🙂

We were back to work yesterday and Parker was back to daycare, but we’ll be back soon with our final packing list for Acadia!


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