Gardening for Days

This week we’ve been keeping busy working on the house! With Parker in daycare full time starting this week, we are hoping to have more time to continue to work on the house, and to start on our newest project 😉

We’ve also been battling a double ear infection with Parks, so that unfortunately took up a chunk of time today as we visited the pediatrician. Fortunately Parker doesn’t seem too uncomfortable, but we are giving him Tylenol just in case.

I spent the first part of this morning mowing the front half of our 2.5 acres. I’m planning on hitting the pasture tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.

I have also been spending the past few nights and the rest of this morning working on weeding our front beds, which have just gotten completely out of control. I don’t have a before photo, but you can see from the part that isn’t done yet that they were pretty badly overgrown.

Here is the section that is finished so far, just waiting for new mulch.

Please forgive the grass clippings, the sprinklers went off and they are stuck to the walkway, so we will blow those off in the morning!

I also need to replant my little planters by the front door. I will definitely post an update tomorrow after we have edged and weed-whacked. The good news is that our calla lilies, mums, pittosporum, and boxwoods are still pretty happy despite being choked out by weeds for a month.

In other news, I have signed up for one of my favorite races this fall, the annual Tour des Fleurs at the Dallas Arboretum (where we got married!). I was a little overly ambitious signing up for the half marathon with only 8 weeks of training time, but hopefully it will be ok, if not a great time. I also started the new Morning Meltdown from beachbody, so if you guys are interested in hearing how either of those things are going please feel free to say so in the comments!

Last but not least, we are dog-sitting these two goofballs for the next two days. Bravo and Chili get along great with our two girls, and clearly are fans of Parker as well. Head over to our Instagram page to check out the full video of them begging during snack time today!

See you later!


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