Pool day and preparing for our big vacation

Last week was the July 4th holiday, and Jordan and I were fortunate enough to be scheduled off for the 4th (which doesn’t usually happen in our field). Huge thank you to our coworkers who did work on the 4th!

We spent most of the day at my parents’ house in Ennis, letting our little one spend some time with his grandparents and hanging out in the pool.

We’ve also started on packing lists for our big vacation coming up next month. With all of our big plans in place (hotels, flights, car rentals, passports, etc) we are down to some of the final details.

This week we will be going to REI to try on baby carriers for the hiking portion of our trip. We will only being doing dayhikes on this trip since it will be our little’s first outing, but we do plan to take him on longer trips as he gets older. The backpack we are currently interested in is the Poco AG by Osprey.

But before we purchase one we want to try it out with the baby and make sure the backpack is comfortable for him and for both of us.

We are also going to get Parker a new sun hat for hiking, since his current bucket hat is getting a little small. We are looking at this reversible one from Patagonia.

While we’re at REI we will also see if they have these in stock so that Parker can try it on.

The last thing we need to do is put together our official packing list for vacation. We will be hiking, may swim, and will definitely be doing a lot of driving and walking so we will need appropriate clothing for all of these activities. The weather forecast says average temperatures for the Northeast and Canada this time of year are highs in the high seventies and lows in the high fifties, so we will be bringing mostly summer clothes with probably a few sweaters/jackets thrown in.

Just in time for our vacation our youngest dog, Penny, ate my flip flops, so I did go ahead and order these look-alike sandals from Sam Edelman, which are similar to the Tory Burch Miller sandals that I have been coveting for a while. They are also on sale at Macy’s right now 🙂

We’ll be back with our official packing list after our shopping trip this week!

Happy belated 4th of July!


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