Choosing a Fireplace Style

One of our remaining projects on the house is our living room fireplace makeover.

When we bought the house, our living room fireplace was drywall with a medium-tone oak mantel, matching bookshelves flanking either side, and tile around the firebox.

Sale photo, 2015

Our bonus room also has a fireplace, this one in limestone with a red brick accent.

Sale photo, 2015

When we moved in, we initially didn’t change much, but we did have some big plans.

Freshly moved in, 2015
After painting bonus room (SW Agreeable Gray), before floors were installed.
New paint (Behr Wheat Bread), fall 2015
Beginning of fireplace remodel, fall 2018

My initial plan was to remodel the living room fireplace to match the stone fireplace in the bonus room, but as I have gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole I have found many other options and variations that I also love.

I am currently leaning toward a limestone fireplace with a large wrap-around hearth (we are not replacing the bookcases), and a reclaimed wood mantel. A few of my favorite Pinterest inspiration photos are shown below.

Houzz, original source unknown
Source unknown

I have also found some fireplaces that incorporate shiplap, which would be a bit cheaper to build, but I’m not sure if the shiplap would clash with our board and batten wainscoting in the kitchen and dining room.
Source unknown

Our next step is to source our stone for the fireplace, we are highly considering going with a stone veneer as it will be MUCH lighter and cheaper than full stone blocks. Then Jordan will need to build the hearth around our existing fireplace, and we can start preparing to lay the stone veneer and large hearthstones.

We would love your input on which fireplace style you like best!


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