DIY Master Bedroom Renovation

We had a super busy weekend over here in the Kraft house, as we finally finished our master bedroom renovation!!

We are so thrilled to have our room back, liveable, and super comfortable for us to hang out in during the evenings. It’s actually an enjoyable space now!

Just as a reminder, this is the room that we started with. Horrible mustard yellow walls, stinky cat pee carpet, dim lighting, and no character.


(This was actually the sale photo from the house, none of that furniture is ours and fortunately the old homeowners took the curtains with them.)

Our first steps were getting some painting done. We painted the walls a cool grey color, Behr Agate which we had mixed at Home Depot. I also temporarily hung curtains because Jordan was working overnights, which meant he was sleeping during the day and needed blackout curtains to block the light.

IMG_3917 copy.jpg

Our bed is from Crate and Barrel and can be found here, it was our first large purchase when we moved into our house. We also installed six recessed can lights that Jordan purchased off of Amazon, and replaced the fan with the light for a fan without a light kit.

From there, things really took off when we had our floors installed. Jordan and I ripped out the old carpet ourselves, which meant that we lived on bare concrete for several months until we could afford to pay for the new flooring. In the mean time we were prepping the rest of the floor (removing the mortar from the old tiles) and trying to eliminate the dust, although this was pretty impossible. I had lots of time to work on my mood board for the room though.


We stuck to this pretty well when designing the room. We kept things simple, and while we haven’t purchased all of the furniture on my mood board, we got the general idea completed. You can shop our house here.

Jordan installed my barn doors for me from an amazing Etsy shop, LP Furniture. The doors and the floor installation were the only parts of the room that we didn’t do ourselves.


We also installed new baseboards (7.5 inch solid pine) from Home Depot, and designed and installed trim around all of the windows. We both hate exposed drywall corners so we are trying to case all the windows with nice farmhouse style trim. Jordan does most of the install, and I do the caulking, filling holes and sanding, painting and general finish-out on the trim. We also installed nice large crown molding all the way around the room.


All finished!


Our tv stand was repurposed by Tenpenny House and purchased from our friends at Kindred Soule in Ennis, TX.


If you have any questions or want more information about any part of our remodel, or if you have suggestions for a blog post please feel free to leave us a comment!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!


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