Wanderlust Guest Bedroom

I have been working on one of our guest bedrooms for quite a while now.

When we started on the first of our two extra bedrooms, it was looking pretty sad.

(This is the sale photo.)

IMG_2190 (1)

It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but the walls were a dreary lavender color. I decided to spice things up a bit by going with a soft green.

The color I went with is called Topiary Tint, by Behr.

In my mind I had the idea of creating a forest-like theme for this room, with a nod to our love of National Parks.

I have been collecting items for this room for months.

We had a couple of old bed frames given to us by my parents, but neither really matched the feel of the room. This is the one that wound up staying:

There was no way I could let that orange stay in my house.

I spent three days stripping and sanding this wood, and then re-stained them with Varathane Weathered Gray. They turned out pretty nicely, although doing all of those little tiny strips was a killer.

We also ordered a couple of new mattresses for the guest beds from Amazon. The mattresses are full size 12″  memory foam that we found for around $200. You can find them here. We also ordered cheap folding box springs to support the memory foam mattresses for around $100 here, so the whole set was about $300. I didn’t think that was too bad for a pretty comfortable guest mattress set.

For the decor, again I ordered a lot of the basics (like bedding) off of Amazon, but I also put some time into the small pieces. I ordered a little wooden curio shelf shaped like mountains from Urban Outfitters that went with the theme of the room.

Mountain shelf.jpeg

I also found some vintage-style National Park posters that I thought were really neat, and I purchased the ones that corresponded to the parks that we have traveled to (although we’ve been to a few more now).


The small things, like the pine forest curtains, the candles on the nightstands, and a few of the pillows were found at H&M. If you haven’t checked out their home decor yet, it is well worth your time because their stuff is cute and their prices are amazing!!

Here’s our (mostly) finished guest room:


I love it. I also think it will translate easily into a nursery if we ever get around to it 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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