DIY Baby Quilt

Today I finished my first ever quilt, and I am so excited!!

It started when I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and was immediately obsessed with this gorgeous baby quilt:


I don’t even have a baby, but my first thought was “I MUST have this quilt!!!!” So then I had to figure out which of my baby-having friends I should make the quilt for, before I make a larger scale version for my own home.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also used this Instructable to help with some of the finer points of quilting for beginners that were left out of the original post. It was extremely helpful and informative.

Here’s the first few steps done, you can see a single row of triangles sewn together and the sheet of several rows sewn together underneath. I chose to go with a green ombre theme since my pregnant friend doesn’t know the baby’s gender yet.


Here it is with the three layers (top, batting and bottom) pinned together and ready for quilting! I quilted the white triangles.


And the final product! It’s going in the mail Monday, I’ll post updates if she sends me photos with it!

(Excuse the wrinkles, I washed it first to be sure it would hold up for her.)


We would love to see your own quilting masterpieces! Happy quilting!


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